International Conference on Software Architecture (ICSA) is a continuation of the Working International Conference on Software Architecture (WICSA) that integrated the CompArch conferences on Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE) and Quality of Software Architectures (QoSA), with history since 1998.

ICSA 202313–17 MarchL’Aquila, ITALY
ICSA 202212–15 MarchHonolulu, Hawaii, USA
ICSA 202122–26 MarchStuttgart, GERMANY
ICSA 20202–6 November 2020Salvador, BRAZIL
ICSA 201925–29 March 2019Hamburg, GERMANY
ICSA 201830 April–4 May 2018Seattle, USA
ICSA 20173–7 April 2017Gothenburg, SWEDEN


Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture

WICSA/CompArch 20164–8 April 2016Venice, ITALY
WICSA 20158 May 2015Montréal, CANADA
WICSA 20147–11 April 2014Sydney, AUSTRALIA
WICSA/ECSA 201220–24 August 2012Helsinki, FINLAND
WICSA 201120–24 June 2011Boulder, Colorado, USA
WICSA/ECSA 200914–17 September 2009Cambridge, UK
WICSA 200818–22 February 2008Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA
WICSA 20076–9 January 2007Mumbai, INDIA
WICSA 20056–9 November 2005Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
WICSA 200412–15 June 2004Oslo, NORWAY
WICSA 200225–30 August 2002Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
WICSA 200128–31 August 2001Amsterdam, The NETHERLANDS
WICSA 199922–24 February 1999San Antonio, Texas, USA


International Symposium on Component Based Software Engineering

CBSE 2016April 5–8, 2016Venice, ITALY
CBSE 2015May 4–8, 2015Montreal, CANADA
CBSE 2014June 30–July 4, 2014Lille, FRANCE
CBSE 2013June 17–21, 2013Vancouver, CANADA
CBSE 2012June 25–29, 2012Bertinoro, ITALY
CBSE 2011June 21–23, 2011Boulder, Colorado, USA
CBSE 201023–25 June, 2010Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
CBSE 2009June 24–26, 2009Pennsylvania, USA
CBSE 2008October 14–17, 2008Karlsruhe, GERMANY
CBSE 2007July 9–13, 2007Massachusetts, USA,
CBSE 2006June 29–July 1, 2006Västerås, Stockholm, SWEDEN
CBSE 2005May 14–15, 2005St. Louis, Missouri, USA
CBSE 2004May 24–25, 2004Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
CBSE 2003May 3–4, 2003Portland, Oregon, USA
CBSE 2002May 19–20, 2002Orlando, Florida, USA
CBSE 2001May 14–15, 2001Toronto, CANDA
CBSE 2000June 5–6, 2000Limerick, IRELAND
CBSE 1999May 18, 1999Los Angeles CA, USA
CBSE 1998April 25–26, 1998Kyoto, JAPAN


International Conference Series on the Quality of Software Architectures

QoSA 2016April 5–8, 2016Venice, ITALY
QoSA 2015May 4–7, 2015Montreal, CANADA
QoSA 2014June 30–July 4, 2014Lille, FRANCE
QoSA 2013June 17–21, 2013Vancouver, CANADA
QoSA 2012June 25–28, 2012Bertinoro, ITALY
QoSA 2011June 20–24, 2011Boulder, Colorado, USA
QoSA 2010June 23–25, 2010Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
QoSA 2009June 24–26, 2009Pennsylvania, USA
QoSA 2008October 14–17, 2008Karlsruhe, GERMANY
QoSA 2007July 12–13, 2007Massachusetts, USA
QoSA 2006June 27–29, 2006Västerås, SWEDEN
QoSA 2005September 20–22, 2005Erfurt, GERMANY