Best Paper Award

2023Where and What do Software Architects blog? An Exploratory Study on Architectural Knowledge in Blogs, and their Relevance to Design StepsMohamed Soliman, Kirsten Gericke and Paris Avgeriou
2022Architectural Design Decisions for Machine Learning DeploymentJohn Warnett, Uwe Zdun
2021InMap: Automated Interactive Code-to-Architecture Mapping RecommendationsZipani Tom Sinkala, Sebastian Herold
2020Enforcing Architectural Security Decisions Stefanie Jasser
2019Improving the Consistency and Usefulness of Architecture Descriptions: Two Industrial Surveys Rebekka Wohlrab, Ulf Eliasson, Patrizio Pelliccione and Rogardt Heldal
2018An Empirical Study of Architectural Decay in Open-Source SoftwareDuc Le, Daniel Link, Arman Shahbazian and Nenad Medvidovic
2018Infrastructure-as-Code for Data-Intensive Architectures: A Model-Driven Development Approach Matej Artač, Tadej Borovšak, Elisabetta Di Nitto, Michele Guerriero, Diego Perez-Palacin and Damian Andrew Tamburri
2017Understanding Software Vulnerabilities Related to Architectural Security Tactics: An Empirical Investigation of Chromium, PHP and Thunderbird Joanna Cecilia Da Silva Santos, Anthony Peruma, Mehdi Mirakhorli, Matthias Galster, Jairo Pavel Veloz Vidal and Adriana Sejfia
2017Continuous Analysis of Collaborative DesignJae Young Bang, Yuriy Brun and Nenad Medvidovic
2016A Decision Model for Cyber-foraging Systems
Grace A. Lewis, Patricia Lago, Paris Avgeriou
2015 (QoSA)Scalability, Elasticity, and Efficiency in Cloud Computing: a Systematic Literature Review of Definitions and Metrics. Sebastian Lehrig, Hendrik Eikerling, Steffen Becker
2015 (CBSE)Architectural Abstractions for Hybrid Programs
Ivan Ruchkin, Bradley Schmerl and David Garlan

Distinguished Reviewers

2023Ivano Malavolta
2022Miguel Goulão
2021Aldeida Aleti
2021Catia Trubiani
2021Matthias Galster
2021Patricia Lago
2021Rainer Weinreich
2019Antony Tang
2019Lars Grunske
2019Matthias Galster
2019Romina Spalazzese
2019Tomas Bures
2018Romina Spalazzese
2018Steffen Becker
2018Robert Heinrich
2018Catia Trubiani
2018John Klein
2017Lars Grunske
2017Matthias Galster