The ICSA Steering Committee is responsible for constituting and guiding each edition of ICSA and for establishing and evaluating practices that are binding upon the organizers of each conference for the continued technical and financial success of ICSA, as framed by ICSA Steering Committee Charter. Finally, the ICSA Steering Committee collaborates with the ECSA Steering Committee to foster the advancement of the software architecture community.

The members of the ICSA Steering Committee are:

Henry Muccini (Chair)University of L’Aquila
Ipek Ozkaya (Vice Chair) SEI at Carnegie Mellon University
Paris Avgeriou University of Groningen
Steffen Becker University of Stuttgart
Remco de Boer ArchiXL
Barbora Buhnova Masaryk University
Radu Calinescu University of York
Vittorio Cortellessa University of L’Aquila
George Fairbanks Google
Michael Goedicke IFIP/Paluno
Rich Hilliard MIT
Rick Kazman University of Hawaii, USA
Michael Keeling Kiavi
Anne Koziolek Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Heiko Koziolek ABB Corporate Research
Philippe Kruchten University of British Columbia
Patricia Lago Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Anna Liu Amazon Webservices, Australia
Nenad Medvidovic University of Southern California
Raffaela Mirandola Politecnico di Milano
Robert Nord SEI at Carnegie Mellon University
Ipek Ozkaya SEI at Carnegie Mellon University
Kathy Park IEEE
Patrizio Pelliccione GSSI, Italy
Raghu Reddy IIIT Hyderabad
Ralf Reussner Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Romina Spalazzese Malmo University
Clemens Szyperski Microsoft
Ingo Weber TU Berlin, Germany
Eoin Woods Endava

ICSA SC Fellows

The honorary title of ICSA Fellow is awarded by the ICSA Steering Committee to individuals who have made outstanding, long-term scientific and service contributions to the ICSA Community.

  • Len Bass (since 2022)
  • Ivica Crnkovic (since 2022)