ICSA Virtual Spaces

The 20th IEEE International Conference on Software Architecture (ICSA 2023) and co-located events use Zoom and Slack for virtual spaces. The on-site sessions will also be accessible online via the Zoom platform. Slack is mostly used for asynchronous communication.

Attending ICSA online

Zoom for Synchronous Sessions

All registered attendees will receive an email containing four Zoom Meeting Links. This is the only mechanism by which you get the links. You could email the virtualization chair if you registered and do not get such an email.

ICSA 2023 and co-located events will use four virtual rooms, whereby two virtual rooms (i.e., Zoom meeting links) are used for co-located events (Mon-Tue), and the other two are for the main conference (Wed-Thu-Fri). We advise you always check the ICSA 2023 program in advance to know the virtual room where the activity of your interest will happen.

Zoom is available for desktop, Web, and mobile. If you do not have Zoom Meetings Client installed, we recommend downloading and installing the application on your preferred device before the conference or session you wish to participate in. Zoom offers the possibility of joining a test meeting, allowing you to verify your system: https://zoom.us/test. The Zoom support page has rich information and tutorials that will enable you to solve any problem.

Slack for Asynchronous and Social Interactions

ICSA 2023 will use Slack for all asynchronous and social interactions, as in other conferences with virtual components. There you can seek help, raise questions, and share ideas, experiences, photos, etc., with other participants.

ICSA 2023 Slack workspace has several channels for general discussion, workshops, tutorials, and social. You are automatically added to the general channel when you join the workspace. Click the ‘Add Channel’ button to search and join the other channels (e.g., wk-blockarch, wk-fist, tutorials, etc.). Join the ICSA 2023 workspace(by clicking here).

Behavior in the Virtual Room

Below are some basic principles related to how to behave at the virtual sessions so that we all have a great experience participating in ICSA 2023

  • When joining the virtual room, check if your microphone and video are turned off. Activate them only when the session chair indicates.
  • When joining the virtual room, if it is the case, rename your nickname in the list of participants so you can be easily identified as it was a badge in the in-person conference. To do so, click the Participants button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Zoom virtual rooms have a chat window that can be used for asking questions, comments, etc., and all participants can see what you have written. If you want to ask questions using the microphone, first use the Raise Hand button at the bottom of the Zoom screen, and wait for the session chair to call on you. Once this is done, click on the same button to Lower Hand.
  • During a Zoom virtual session, if there is not enough time for asking questions, comments, etc., you can do this in the respective Slack channel.