The conference will adopt a hybrid model allowing either in-person or online remote presentations. We strongly encourage physical attendance, but virtual attendance will be possible. More information on virtual attendance is available hereafter.

Virtual Synchronous Sessions: Zoom

All ICSA 2022 virtual synchronous sessions will take place at the Zoom platform, which has desktop, Web, and mobile versions. If you do not have Zoom Meetings Client installed yet, we recommend you to download and install the application on your preferred device before the conference or session that you wish to participate in. If you are presenting a paper, in this case, we strongly recommend you to use the desktop application. For more information please visit the following page:

Access to the virtual Zoom rooms
The ICSA 2022 activities will take place in virtual rooms, and links will be provided. We advise you to always check the ICSA 2022 program in advance to know the virtual room where the activity of your interest will happen or you will present your paper. Access to the virtual rooms is exclusively restricted to participants registered in ICSA 2022. Therefore, you must not share these links with anyone, under any hypothesis.

Asynchronous Interactions: Discord

Besides Zoom for the synchronous sessions, there will be means of providing interaction among virtual and on-site participants and working as an expansion to technical sessions. As time is short, there may be cases in which the time is not enough for all questions and answers and discussions.

Access to the virtual Discord channels

For asynchronous interactions, that is, outside the Zoom virtual rooms, ICSA 2022 will use Discord. A link to join the ICSA 2022’s Discord server will be provided. Each session of the ICSA 2022 program will have an associated channel in which you can join and interact with other virtual and on-site participants. The use of Discord is quite intuitive, but you can find more information visiting the support page:


Although we’ll do our best to make ICSA 2022 happen in the best way possible, clearly there may be other issues. Therefore, if you have any problems, doubts, or even suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or through the ICSA 2022’s Discord server.

We wish you an excellent ICSA 2022 and we’ll update this page with useful links soon!

Diego Perez and Catia Trubiani
ICSA 2022 Virtualization Chairs