Presentations for Technical Track papers will be live, 10 minutes. However, authors are asked to produce an additional video of the same duration (10 minutes), as backup in case of technical problems, but also for viewing after the conference.

Instructions on how to prepare your pre-recorded video:

  • Format: There is no predefined template for pre-recorded presentations; you are free to record in whatever way you prefer, please respect the time limits
  • General quality suggestions for videos: When creating slides, keep in mind that some attendees might use a small screen when viewing your video. As a consequence, please use large images, restrict the use of text to a minimum, and when you are using text, ensure a reasonably large font size. Better for quality if you can deliver your video in 1080p with a 16:9 aspect ratio image. In addition to video quality, keep in mind the general rules for presentation about colours, fonts, slide designs, etc. Some examples include limiting the use of text, using high-contrast colours, restricting the number of colours, and using animations carefully. Better to include an introductory slide of roughly 10 seconds before starting your presentation.
  • Naming: Name your video following the format Paper Easychair ID – Surname of First Author – Short Paper Name. For example, submission 47 from Patrizio Pelliccione about Robotics would be called 47 – Pelliccione – Robotics.
  • Loading: Upload your video to your own YouTube channel. Please ensure that your video contains the information required for your paper (ID, first author surname, topic).
  • Notification: Notify us about the YouTube link of your video by completing the form at the following link: We will check the quality of the video, and we will link it in the respective playlist in the ICSA 2022 YouTube channel.