Covid-19 Information

We would have liked to welcome all of you in Stuttgart, however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this will not be possible. ICSA 2021 will be a full virtual event.


ICSA 2021 will be located in Stuttgart, Germany. Stuttgart is the capital of the German federal state Baden-Württemberg and the main city in Swabia. As a local center, Stuttgart is located in a metropolitan area with more than 2.5 million people living in or close to the city. Located in the south of Germany it is close to Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Heidelberg, and Ulm.

Locally it is also known for its nice geographical location being squeezed in the river Neckar’s valley with beautiful outlooks and a reasonable local wine industry. However, this extreme geographical location has also exposed Stuttgart to a rather large set of challenges, ecologically as well as economically. Stuttgart is regularly subject of bad air conditions and free ground to build new houses or industrial plants is non-existing. As a consequence, Stuttgart in the 2020th is also a role city for future developments: it is in a leading position among Germany’s larger cities which is subject to a fast change to clean and renewable energy production and consumption. The changes range from a fast growing fleet of electric cars to clean heating and novel high-speed train connections. The changes are visible everywhere in the city with the prominent new train station construction site and its related tunnels (“Stuttgart 21”). It hosts regular events and fairs which can be reached via the local airport offering mainly European connections and a few international flights.

Local Industry

Stuttgart is known around the globe for being the birthplace of the car manufacturing industry – with Mercedes Benz and Porsche having their headquarters in the city. But the city also has a rich set of companies in all kinds of engineering-related products, for example, Bosch and Trumpf. All these companies have large IT departments these days which address the challenges of ubiquitous computing. In addition, the metropolitan area of Stuttgart and its neighboring cities also has a vibrant core IT industry, e.g., with an IBM research centre located in Böblingen.


Outdated information, see Covid-19 above.
Our intention is to host the conference at the University of Stuttgart. The University of Stuttgart is one of the leading Institutes of Technology in Germany. It is spread throughout the city with the main campus in Stuttgart-Vaihingen where also Computer Science is located. We plan to host the conference in our main computer science building on the campus Vaihingen. It is well connected via several bus lines and the three major tram connections to the city. Hotels can be booked close by with enough rooms to host ICSA with a typical attendance of 150-200 participants. In our building, we plan to allocate two lecture rooms. One for hosting any poster session like slots, the other for having keynote talks and some of the concurrent sessions. The hall has a capacity of approx. 400 people and is equipped with modern technology including video recording and transmission if needed. In addition we will allocate seminar rooms with up to 45 seats for the typical workshop programme before the main conference and to host parallel presentation slots during the main conference.

Conference Venue

The conference will take place at the Stuttgart-Vaihingen campus of University of Stuttgart.
Universitätsstraße 38
70569 Stuttgart