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Program: 1999 International Workshop on Component-Based Software Engineering

Held in conjunction with the
21st International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE99)
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Developing a Handbook for Component-Based Software Engineering

May 17-18, 1999

There is growing interest in the notion of software development through the planned integration of pre-existing software components. This is often called component-based development (CBD), component-based software engineering (CBSE), or simply componentware. While the broad concepts of CBSE are well known and easily stated, a closer look reveals that the term CBSE is used in a diverse set of situations, encompasses a variety of characteristics, and is often given many different interpretations. These are typical signs of the early stages of an emerging discipline. The maturation of CBSE will require leading researchers and practitioners to agree on a common set of concepts, terms, and characteristics that can help galvanize this otherwise disparate field.

The first international workshop on CBSE was held in conjunction with ICSEļæ½98 in April 1998. At that workshop the first steps were taken to provide a coherent picture of the CBSE field. The second workshop on CBSE will build on the results of the Kyoto workshop to develop a foundation for the practice of CBSE. This foundation will take the form of an engineering handbook for CBSE.

More information about the workshop, including the call for participation and a strawman outline for a CBSE engineering handbook can be found at:

Workshop Organizers

Mikio Aoyama

NIIT, Japan

Alan Brown

Sterling Software, USA

Chris Dellarocas

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Philippe Kruchten

Rational Software, Canada

Wojtek Kozacynski

Rational Software, USA

Jim Ning

Andersen Consulting, USA

Kurt Wallnau

Software Engineering Institute, USA


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