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    International Symposium on Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE)

    June 24-26, 2009
    East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania, USA

    Component-based Software Engineering (CBSE) has emerged as a technology for the rapid assembly of flexible software systems. CBSE combines elements of software architecture, modular software design, software verification, configuration and deployment.  To foster exchange and collaboration with the software architecture community, this symposium was colocated with the Quality of Software  Architectures Conference (QoSA) as part of the federated CompArch 2009 event.

    The CBSE symposium has a track record of bringing together researchers and practitioners from a variety of disciplines to promote a better understanding of CBSE from a diversity of perspectives, and to engage in active discussion and debate.  CBSE 2009 was open to all participants interested in CBSE and related areas. The symposium addressed participants from both universities and industry.

    The theoretical foundations of component specification, composition, analysis and verification continue to pose research challenges. While the engineering models and methods for component software development are slowly maturing, new trends in global services, distributed systems architectures, and large-scale software systems that cross organizational boundaries push the limits of established and tested component-based methods, tools, and platforms:

    • model-driven development and grid technologies with their high-performance demands in massive data storage, computational complexity and global co-scheduling of scientific models in flagship science, technology and medicine research;
    • global software development with its lowering of cost of software capabilities and production, through automation, off-shoring and outsourcing of key components and subsystems;
    • networked enterprise information systems and services architectures crossing enterprise, nation, legal and discipline boundaries;
    • shift from (globally distributed) software products to pervasive and ubiquitous services supported by deep software-intensive infrastructures and middleware and by increasingly flexible, adaptive and autonomous client and application server software.

    CBSE 2009 included contributions that explore how the nature of component- based software engineering is being influenced by developments in the field of software and global enterprise technology. In addition to presentations of papers, the symposium incorporated working and industry sessions.

    Special Theme: Components for Large-Scale Systems of Systems and Ultra-Large Systems

    CBSE 2009 encouraged papers that address the theme of components for large-scale systems of systems and ultra-large systems. Such systems involve the coordination of a vast array of decentralized, heterogeneous and continually evolving subsystems, consequently meeting diverse and often conflicting requirements. The way that component technologies can move from assisting standard system architecture development to large-scale and ultra-large system development is an important open question. Each of the topics listed above applies equally to large-scale and ultra-large case as to traditional development, but the context may demand radically novel solutions to deal with autonomous system components.